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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


4inch Gold Metatrons Cube & Flower of Life Yellow Spectro Full Spectrum Healing Disc

$144.00 $177.00

This is a Personal Favorite~ I just Love the Energy of this Disc

18kt Gold Metatron's Cube with Flower of Life, Niobium (Lightbody activator) & MWO Vortex Antenna (EMF Blocker, fights fatigue, insomnia and headaches.) with Full Spectrum and the Yellow SpectroChrome Gel

This is a Very Happy Disc

The Yellow SpectroChrome on a Physical Level

Stimulates the motor nervous system which energizes the muscles. Nerve builder for sensory and motor systems.

Stimulates the lymphatic system. Mild tissue stimulant.

Stimulates the intestines, pancreas, and production of digestive fluids – bile, hydrochloric acid

Spleen depressant; equilibrator

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