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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


*NEW Version* Dichroic "Master Alchemy" Disc


The Powerful Dichroic Crystal Color Energies are said to Activate the Third Eye, Crown Chakra, and the Etheric Energy Centers to Gently Ignite Our Innate Abilities, Stimulating Greater Awareness and Heightened Intuition Opening the Minds Eye, becoming a mutual aid


between self and others.


Adding Dichroic Frequencies to Your Daily Healing Practices


Allows One to Go Deeply into the "Spiritual Light"


Offering Immediate Meditative Access




Healing Benefits of Dichroic Glass


Known to Possess Energy of the Moon; Relieves Menstrual Discomfort

Will Balance Emotions as well as Hormones Stabilizing Mood Swings

Detoxifying the Blood, Strengthening the Immune System

Greater Connection to Spirit Guides as it Cleanses & Protects the Aura

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