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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


The Governess


Welcoming in the Governess, also known as Eterna. This download directly from the Goddess among Goddesses is said to be one of the most powerful pieces ever created by Crystal Current. This energy tool is the physical embodiment of the three aspects of the divine feminine in their original archetypal form. Through communication with The Governess information was received about how to open up the gateway by combining these crystals and gemstones in an electromagnetic field of magnetism. This piece will help with opening the gateway, achieving life purpose, integration of the divine feminine in the original archetypal form, healing childhood trauma, healing conscious or subconscious codependency, and can help amplify the healing process of the womb when worn by a healing practitioner or worn directly. The physical representation of a hug from the galactic Grandmother, Mother, and daughter.

"I own my time and space."

Gemstones Used:

Labradorite - Locates the Gateway, balances and protects the aura, transformation, and strengthens intuition.

Red Amber - Opens the gateway in the hands of an adept or master, Absorbs pain and negative energies, stimulation of the intellect, imparts wisdom, and can help clear depression.

Selenite - Activates the soul star eighth Chakra, helps align the spinal column and all Chakras. This gemstone is believed to be the physical form of light.

Pyrite - Draws together the energy of all crystals and gemstones in its vicinity and allows the frequencies to work together as a family. Shields and protects on all levels of the mental, physical, and Astral bodies.

Champagne Angel Quartz - Bismuth, Gold, Platinum, and Silver all molecularly bonded to the atoms of a clear quartz. Drastically enhances the electrical amplification while making it easier for the wearer to communicate with other dimensional versions, spirit guides, higher selves, and guardian angels.


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