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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


Cosmic Light 101


Black Agate Angel Aura - Activates the first Chakra and one of the only gemstones believed to enhance physical strength. Angelic aspects requested the creation of this exquisite gemstone to enhance the wearer’s angelic power and activate angelic fire for those that are ready.

Oraphim Tigers Eye - Yellow Tigers Eye turns to a color which is difficult to attempt to explain and is not found in nature. This happens when 24k gold (Aqua Aura) is molecularly bonded to the Crystal and this was requested to be created by Alexander from Higher Dimensional beings of love in light. Work with this Crystal to heal and transmute upper dimensional blockages and enhance communication with other dimensional versions.

Honey Tigers Eye Angel Aura - The highest grade and rarest form of Tigers Eye found to date. Before the molecular bonding of platinum and silver (Angel Aura) this crystal was gold and blue. Activates the first to the 21st Chakra and grounds the energy. Of course, this is another Crystal Current exclusive. A true beauty to behold.

Emerald - Activates the 4th Chakra while assisting on the path to unconditional love. Emerald is from a short list of gemstones called Beryls which are the only crystals which are hexagonal in nature.

Amazonite - Activates the 5th Chakra while enhancing our body’s electrical conductivity. One of the only gemstones to harness the element of storm or plasma. Also said to transmute the energetic effects of harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Blue Kyanite - Activates the 6th Chakra and helps to clear blockages in the third eye while dissolving negativity. Known to be the only gemstone that never needs to be cleared or charged and adds this functionality to this energy tool.

Purple Fluorite - Activates the Crown or 7th Chakra, the pineal and pituitary glands, and said to help prevent illness.

Selenite - Stabilized for durability and another Crystal Current exclusive. Activates the 8th Chakra otherwise known as the Soul Star. Said to move your spiritual growth forward very quickly.



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