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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


Ultimate Shield 3.0


Whether you are new to Crystal Current Jewelry or if you are one of our many adept supporters, you are in the right place! The Ultimate Shield 3.0 is the great culmination of Alexander’s work. If you are familiar with the Ultimate Shield 1.0 or 2.0 you will notice that the new 3.0 has all the crystals and gemstones from both pieces combined but we molecularly bonded platinum and silver to some of the beads which were left natural in prior models. This process is known as Angel Aura and strengthens the field Scientifically by combining crystals with high conductive metals and Metaphysically by connecting these frequencies to the Angelic Realm. Beta testers are boasting about the drastic improvement they notice while wearing these powerful energy tools.

• Bloodstone – Clears other peoples energy from your cells, purify and detox the body.

• Blue Kyanite – Dispels all negativity and does not require to be cleared or charged, and excellent for psychic protection.

• Bronzite – Repels any physical or etheric negative energy back to where it was sent multiplied.

• Green Aventurine (Angel Aura) – Protection from energy Vampires, helps with addiction and to remove blockages of any kind.

• Mahogany Obsidian (Angel Aura) – Snaps any unwanted etheric cords, helps one reconnect to reclaim their power.

• Onyx – Absorbs negativity in and around the wearer which then gets dispelled by the Blue Kyanite.

• Purple Fluorite – Helps to activate the Pineal Gland and Pituitary, prevents illness, psychic protection from Archangel Michael.

• Tigers Eye Angel Aura – This crystal is an alchemy designed for shielding and ascension of your Lyran and Angelic versions. Grounds the first to the third chakra in its natural form but with Angel Aura this Crystal Current exclusive gemstone grounds the first to the twenty first chakras!

• Shungite – Helps the wearer detox and heal the body by purifying the waters of the body, absorbs physical and etheric EMF.



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