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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


3" 18kt Gold Dance of Venus Dichroic Color Change Healing Discs


"All Healing is possible through Light & Frequency"

 Dichroic Glass is a Beautiful Addition to Our Healing Tools!

 Dive Deeply into this Spiritual Light, a frequency to experience a deep meditative state.Clearing and Activating Crown, Third Eye and Etheric Chakras. Healers Believe these Energetically Resonate deep within the body. Wearing these pendants Stimulate Creative Visualization. Very Feminine with charm of the Angels and the Moon.


Then add the metaphysical properties of Gold!


Gold is known for purification and balancing of Heart Chakra offering amplification of thought forms while dispelling negativity. Gold facilitates the rebuilding of the nervous system and increases brain function.


Gold is said to balance energy fields and is most beneficial opening third eye and crown chakra. This Energy Generator is a remover of blockages and has the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy throughout the body for treatment of autism, dyslexia, scoliosis, arthritis, skin cancers, blood disorders, vascular and heart disorders and epilepsy.

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