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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


4" 18kt Gold Metatron's Cube SuperHero Disc

$111.11 $144.44

This Disc is Always a Big Seller at Shows and Hit a Steller Level of Being a BEST SELLER

Since Dylan Louis Monroe was captured in His Pyramid having this version of Disc Imprint a Cosmic Metatron's Disc in thin Air during Ceremony July 25th Mayan Galactic Day out of Time!

Check out the Pictures! 

This Disc is Gold Disc making it a Sonic Disc and can be used to Establish an Extra-Strong link between the Astral and Physical Bodies. Once activated it assists in Reading the records of Pastlife Trauma and Aids in clearing away Emotional Debris. 

May we suggest pairing this with a 3" Rainbow Tribe Disc or Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc to soothe and recalibrate the BioField after an Intense session with this disc. 

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