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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


White Buffalo Calf Woman 3 layer Disc with White Buffalo

$68.00 $88.88

FYI ***The Inside Image may be different from The One Shown****

Shari Lynn was the 1st One (that we know of) to of Created a 3 Layer Disc!

Resulting in 4 Different Images from a 2 sided disc!

Front features White Buffalo Calf Woman, Back Features the White Buffalo 

Add a Light behind either image and Discover the Cosmos~

Bringing forth a Powerful Cosmic "Christ Consciousness" Connection with the Sacredness of White Buffalo Calf Woman and The White Buffalo! 

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakȟótiyapi: Ptesáŋwiŋ;), is a sacred woman of supernatural origin, central to the Lakota religion as the primary cultural prophet. Oral traditions relate that she brought the "Seven Sacred Rites" to the Lakota people.


Buffalo are considered sacred to many of the Plains nations, who often consider them linked to creation, medicine and bringers of sacred messages from the ancestors.

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