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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs  


*LAST CHANCE* Sri Yantra Star Gate


The Sri Yantra is an ancient symbol used to deepened meditation. The Sri Yantra is also known for the vibratory frequency of "OM" the universal Vivbration of Creation. This Symbol is for Direct Communication with God Source Energy.

This Disc features the Orion Star System making it a Star Gate Disc. Star Gate disks are unique in that they specialize in amplifying the power of the mind and mental body. Vibrationally, the mental body is one step higher than the Astral Body., and it manifests on the Mental Plane, which is referred to in world literature as "Heaven" or "Paradise" and in mental circles as "Deyachan" (From the Sanskrit)  This Place is a Place of Pure Bliss. There exists on the mental plane Thought Centers where thoughts and knowledge on a given subject gravitate. These Centers form Powerful Vortices. The function of a Star Gate Disc is to focus your consciousness in on a certain thought center and Hold it there while you Experience the Knowledge it contains.

In This way Star Gates can project the users mental body through the Interdimensional Time and Space for the purpose of aquiring Sacred Knowledge, or simply for the purpose of participating in the Great Cosmic Adventure on the Pleiades. There are Many Many Star Gate Discs which are used for a variety of purposes. 

THE GATE: All Star Gate Discs have a Gateway that leads your consciousness into the energy field depicted on the disc. 

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